What Are The Different Types of Leather Used in Sling Bags?
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What Are The Different Types of Leather Used in Sling Bags?

What Are The Different Types of Leather Used in Sling Bags?

Classic material, used for centuries to craft various fashion accessories, includes the sling bag. Sling bags come in numerous designs and styles, and the type of leather used significantly influences their quality, appearance, and durability. In this article, we’ll dive into the various kinds of leather employed in bags for slings.

Full-Grain Leather: The Epitome of Quality

Full-grain leather is the highest high-end leather used in the making of bags for slings. It is derived from the top layer of the hide, and is recognized for its unaltered, natural texture. It’s sturdy and acquires a unique patina as time passes which makes it a popular option for those who love the appeal of aged leather. Sling bags made of genuine leather are not just fashionable, they’re also durable.

Top-Grain Leather: A Blend of Quality and Affordability

Top-grain leather is yet another option for sling bags that is popular. It’s derived through the 2nd layer hide and is a bit more expensive as compared to full grain leather. Although it doesn’t have the same natural feel however, it’s of a superior quality and provides outstanding durability. Leather sling bags made of top-quality leather are an excellent option for those who are looking for a balance between high-quality and value.

Genuine Leather: A Versatile Option

Genuine leather is one of the terms you’ll see while shopping for bags for slings. It’s made up of the softer layers of hide, and is a budget-friendly alternative. While it doesn’t have the luxury feel of premium top-grain or full-grain leathers however, it’s incredibly robust and versatile. Slings made of genuine leather can be used for daily use and provide an array of designs to pick from.

What Are The Different Types of Leather Used in Sling Bags?

Bonded Leather: A Budget-Friendly Alternative

If you’re on a limited budget, but like the look that leather provides, the bonded or bonded leather could be the solution. It’s created by binding fibers and scraps using adhesive. While it’s not as sturdy as other types of leather however, it is an attractive and affordable option to carry bags. But, it might not be able to stand the tests of time and wear as well as other options for leather.

Faux Leather: A Vegan and Eco-Friendly Choice

For those who want alternatives that are cruelty-free and environmentally friendly faux leather is a great option. It’s a synthetic product which mimics the appearance and feel of genuine leather. Sling bags made of faux leather aren’t just fashionable, but they are also a sustainable alternative. People committed to ethical values prefer them due to their availability in various styles and colors.


With sling bag bags the kind of leather you choose can have an impact on the appearance, quality and value. If you’re a lover of leather with full grain or searching for a sustainable alternative to imitation leathers, we have a vast range of options that will suit your preferences, style and budget. When you’re in the market for a new Sling bag, make sure to take into consideration the type of leather that will best suit your personal preferences and values. The leather you choose to use can enhance your style while expressing your personal style and values.

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