Premium quality womens leather backpack made with 100% genuine leather made to grow with your everyday women’s leather backpack purse to add a touch of playfulness to your daily routine. We have the best leather backpack for women to get them started on their journey. Best quality Backpacks made to grow with you as your daily routine we are here to get you started! Effortless traveling companion with durable and ultra-high-quality leather traveling backpacks. In addition to all this school backpack for girls and backpack purse for women, everything is just a click away from you at unique leather bags.

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  • Leather Satchel Backpack $215

    Leather Small Women’s Backpacks, itself is a classic piece Satchel, is for those with a taste of classic designs with an appreciation for comfort and modern convenience.

    • Height: 25cm
    • Width: 25cm
    • Depth: 9cm
  • Crossbody Backpack $200

    A combination of crossbody bags and women’s backpacks making a stunning masterpiece. A crossbody backpack made with 100% pure full-grain leather featuring classic minimal design.

    • Hight 15.5” inch
    • Depth 11” inch
    • Width 11.5′ inch
  • Ladies Backpack $200

    Ladies Backpack” it’s a new beautiful and gorgeous leather backpack. Specially designed for women who love backpacks. Women’s backpacks made of 100% genuine top-grain leather. There are four small and big compartments,

    Dimension & Weight 

    • Hight  39cm
    • width  32cm
    • Depth  16cm
    • Weight 600 grams

    External Material: Hight quality full-gran genuine leather

    Internal Material: Fabric


  • Soft Leather Backpack Women’s $200

    Elevate your look with top of a line Premium women’s leather backpacks made to last!

    • Height: 26 cm
    • Width: 24cm
    • Depth: 10 cm
    • Weight: almost 500 grams


  • Minimalist Backpack $200

    Exceptional quality made with finest quality leather. Our One of the best minimalist backpack perfect for girls who want to go for a cute and modern look!

    • Hight: 31 cm
    • width: 21 cm
    • Depth: 10 cm
    • Weight almost 550 grams
  • Professional backpack women’s $170

    A classic women’s Professional backpack is handmade and made with 100% full-grain Genuine Leather. Our Leather Backpack for women will be a great fit for your everyday needs and will make a wonderful gift for someone you love. so get your hand on this extraordinary creation of leather craftsmanship.

    • Height – 14.1” / 36 Cm
    • Width Top – 15” / 39 Cm
    • Width Bottom – 12” / 30 Cm
    • Depth – 3.5” / 8 Cm
  • Womens Laptop Backpack For Work $210

    Proudly Showcasing a new Leather Convertible Backpack. This unique backpack is completely handcrafted and you can use it to make the right statement about yourself. everything makes a statement but it’s not always right so make a right statement today for yourself.

    • Height: 20″/ 50.8 cm
    • Width: Top- 9.8″/ 24.9 cm, Bottom: 14.6″/ 37 cm
    • Strap size: Length: 28″/ 71.1 cm, Width: 0.8″/ 2 cm
    Black Leather Backpack Womens front view
    Black Leather Backpack Womens side view
    Black Leather Backpack Womens $115

    It’s a simple, cute, and unique type of small bag! with the Bowknot on the leather backpack. its adds some cuteness, looking fresh and young and will catch everyone’s eyes.

    • Lining Material: Nylon.
    • Height: 12inch/30cm
    • Width: 8inch/20cm
    • Depth: 3inch/8cm

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  • Mini Leather Backpack $115

    It has the main cockpit, one zipper back pocket, one inside zipper pocket. It’s a cute small knapsack for girls and women. This women’s backpack bag can be used for everyday shopping, trips, and also for short tours.

    • Height: 12inch/30cm
    • Width: 10inch/25cm
    • Depth: 5inch/13cm

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  • Large Leather Backpack Womens $150

    Large Leather Backpack for women’s is a perfect combo of functionality with style. this leather backpack provides you a lot of space to carry well anything. Made with 100% full-grain leather and it’s perfect for casual use.

    • Height: 16inch/41cm
    • Width: 12inch/30cm
    • Depth: 5inch/13cm


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