Leather Handbags For Women

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  • Crossbody Barrel Bag $150

    Shop premium quality leather crossbody barrel bags made with premium quality full-grain leather. Manufactured by highly skilled leather craftsmen.

    • Height: 6.7” inch
    • width: 11.2” inch
    • depth: 5.5” inch

    10 in stock

  • Circle Crossbody Handbag $140

    Presenting Our New Leather Circle Crossbody bag made with the finest leather. It’s a small circle crossbody handbag with a unique and timeless design for you.

    • Diameter: 7″
    • Depth: 3″
    • 100% Full-grain Leather
    • Adjustable Shoulder strap
  • Poppy Purse $110

    The design of Poppy Purse is inspired by the traditional Doctor’s Bag And with little tweaks. We created something which is polished, pretty, and practical at the same time.

    • Width: 9″ (23cm)
    • Height: 6″ (15cm)
    • Depth: 3″ (7.5cm) at base
    • Approx. Weight: 0.48Kg

    15 in stock

  • Cognac Leather handbag $135

    Add a touch of versatility to your wardrobe with our Cognac leather handbag. If you’ve been looking for the best handbag that can meet your daily routine and add a little elegance to your look then look no further this is it!

    • Height: 11.8” inches
    • Width: 13.4” inches
    • Depth: 4.7” inches
    • Weight: 0.9 kg

    12 in stock

  • Crossbody Doctor Bag $130

    Exceptionally premium quality leather doctors bag made with finest quality leather by highly skilled leather craftsmen.

    • Height: 7.3” inches
    • width: 10.2” inches
    • Depth: 5.5” inches

    15 in stock

  • NEW
    Doctors Bag Handbag show
    Doctors Bag Handbag front view
    Doctors Bag Handbag $150

    Exceptionally great quality! Timeless design made with finest quality leather as practical as it is beautiful.

    • Height: 20cm
    • Weight: 24cm
    • Depth: 13cm
    • Double leather handles
    • Weight: Almost 100 grams

    15 in stock

  • Fur Handbag $120

    A distinctive fur handbag to make your whole outfit pop. Made with 100% full-grain leather and real cow fur this bag with no doubt a masterpiece of leather craftsmanship.

    • Height:10inch/25CM
    • Width:12inch/30CM
    • Depth:4inch/10CM

    10 in stock

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    leather baguette handbag Front view
    leather baguette handbag back view
    Leather Baguette Handbag $150

    Stunning Leather Bagaute bag made with finest quality Crocodile effect leather!

    • Width: 11.02′ in
    • Height: 9.06′ in
    • Depth: 1.57′ in

    15 in stock

  • Female Doctor Bags $150

    Finest Quality Leather & extraordinary craftsmanship combined together making the exceptional Female doctor’s bag.

    • Height: 8.2′ inches
    • Width:13.4′ inches
    • Depth: 5.5′ inches
    • Weight: 600 grams

    15 in stock

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    Multi Colored Leather Tote
    Multi Colored Leather Tote
    Multi Colored Leather Tote $140

    A Multi Colored Leather tote can bring a variety of colors to your wardrobe. Handcrafted with Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow, and whatever color you can imagine.

    • Height:8inch/20cm
    • Width:10inch/20cm
    • Depth:3inch/8cm

    10 in stock

  • Slouchy Hobo Bag $130

    This Slouchy hobo bag is perfect for everyday use made with full-grain soft leather for durability. it can be a perfect bag for you or your loved ones.

    • Width: 12Inch/30 cm
    • Height: 10 Inch/25cm
    • Depth: 4 Inch/10 cm
    • Adjustable shoulder strap
    • Quality zippers
    • Spacious Interior

    10 in stock

  • Soft Leather Hobo Bag $110
    • Single top handle
    • Magnetic top closure
    • Exterior features pleating details with ties
    • Interior features 1 back zip pocket
    • Approx. Heigh 10″
    • Approx. Width 14″
    • Approx. Depth 5″
    • Approx. 10″ handle drop

    10 in stock

  • Cowhide Handbag $120

    From weekends associating to evenings out, our ultra-chic Women’s Genuine Leather Handbag changes from smart to easy-going instantly. Add a bit of shimmer to any outfit with its contrasting leather work. The pocket of these regular leather shoulder bags makes it easy to carry anything. All your essentials are safe in there.

    • Hight:10inch/25cm
    • Width:12inch/30cm
    • Depth:4inch/10cm

    10 in stock

  • Lock and Key Purse $100

    Lock and key purse featuring a fuss-free, spacious central compartment for convenient storage. Complemented by a 100% cotton-lined slip pocket. A zip-over top fastening keeps contents secure. Lock and Key design to make things a little bit interesting.

    • Width: 12Inch/30 cm
    • Height: 10 Inch/25cm
    • Depth: 4 Inch/10 cm
    • Full-grain premium Leather
    • Double leather handles for comfort and durability

    10 in stock

  • Soft Leather Handbag $100

    Add versatility to your wardrobe with this Soft Leather Handbag featuring a purse with lock and key design to make things interesting. Complemented by 100% stainless steel chromed hardware.

    • Width: 12Inch/30 cm
    • Height: 10 Inch / 25 CM
    • Depth: 4 Inch / 10 CM

    10 in stock

Leather Women’s handbags Made with the highest quality Leather. Modern designs and top quality make our genuine leather handbags stand out. Our selection includes Leather Handbags For Women and many other leather purses for women. Adding a little more flair to your look. Every woman requires and can help to elevate her style.

Soft Leather Handbags

Every woman has their own taste in fashion and this helps women stand out. With trendy color options to the most sought-after designs that showcase your unique style as a bag. From the distinctive styles of our poppy purse to the chic and subtle beauty in the Baguette bag, The right purse is a worthy investment.

Here at Unique Leather handbags, we understand how personal the search for the perfect bag and color is, and we appreciate the process. This is why we offer custom choices to help make the bag more unique. In this way, you’ll be sure to find the ideal bag that is perfect for you and your style.

Here at Unique Leather, our Leather Handbags For Women are available in almost every style and shape offering you a stunning collection of stylish handbags suitable to suit any occasion. There’s something for everyone from a slim and sleek clutch for evenings out and a chic Longchamp bag. Ideal for carrying your essentials while on the train, there are always designs to look at from unique designers.

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