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  • Double Zip Crossbody $140

    Double Zip Crossbody Modern and Functional Leather Bag Made to Last, Lined Interior. Details in the Long Description

    • Dimension: 6“H x 8.75“W x 3”D

    15 in stock

  • Crossbody Barrel Bag $150

    Shop premium quality leather crossbody barrel bags made with premium quality full-grain leather. Manufactured by highly skilled leather craftsmen.

    • Height: 6.7” inch
    • width: 11.2” inch
    • depth: 5.5” inch

    10 in stock

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    leather crossbody purse front view with closed strap
    leather crossbody purse side view
    Leather Crossbody Purse $90

    If you’ve been looking for the perfect shoulder bag with a minimal design then – look no further. The Medium Push Lock leather crossbody purse is clean and minimal in its design It can be converted into a clutch with its shoulder strap being removed.

    • Width: 7.5″ (19cm)
    • Height : 6″ (15cm)
    • Depth: 2.4″ (6cm) at base
    • Approx. Weight: 0.34Kg

    15 in stock

  • Circle Crossbody Handbag $140

    Presenting Our New Leather Circle Crossbody bag made with the finest leather. It’s a small circle crossbody handbag with a unique and timeless design for you.

    • Diameter: 7″
    • Depth: 3″
    • 100% Full-grain Leather
    • Adjustable Shoulder strap
  • Poppy Purse $110

    The design of Poppy Purse is inspired by the traditional Doctor’s Bag And with little tweaks. We created something which is polished, pretty, and practical at the same time.

    • Width: 9″ (23cm)
    • Height: 6″ (15cm)
    • Depth: 3″ (7.5cm) at base
    • Approx. Weight: 0.48Kg

    15 in stock

  • Cognac Leather handbag $135

    Add a touch of versatility to your wardrobe with our Cognac leather handbag. If you’ve been looking for the best handbag that can meet your daily routine and add a little elegance to your look then look no further this is it!

    • Height: 11.8” inches
    • Width: 13.4” inches
    • Depth: 4.7” inches
    • Weight: 0.9 kg

    12 in stock

  • Crossbody Doctor Bag $130

    Exceptionally premium quality leather doctors bag made with finest quality leather by highly skilled leather craftsmen.

    • Height: 7.3” inches
    • width: 10.2” inches
    • Depth: 5.5” inches

    15 in stock

  • NEW
    Doctors Bag Handbag show
    Doctors Bag Handbag front view
    Doctors Bag Handbag $150

    Exceptionally great quality! Timeless design made with finest quality leather as practical as it is beautiful.

    • Height: 20cm
    • Weight: 24cm
    • Depth: 13cm
    • Double leather handles
    • Weight: Almost 100 grams

    15 in stock

  • Barrel Shoulder Bag $60

    Premium Quality Leather Barrel Shoulder bag. Manufactured by trained professional leather craftsmen. Imagine going to a party or any other occasion and having this barrel shoulder bag and all eyes will be on you

    • Height: 7.8cm
    • Width: 22cm
    • Depth: 13cm
    • Weight: 0.43 kg

    10 in stock

  • Little Girl Crossbody Purse $60

    This leather crossbody barrel bag for little girls is a perfect accessory for your baby girl. The size of this little girl crossbody bag makes it easy to carry around. so get your little one a quality bag that is as practical as it is beautiful.

    • Height: 4.5″
    • Width: 3.25″
    • Length: 8.25″
    • Weighs: 1 lb
    • Strap drop length 26″

    10 in stock

  • Female Doctor Bags $150

    Finest Quality Leather & extraordinary craftsmanship combined together making the exceptional Female doctor’s bag.

    • Height: 8.2′ inches
    • Width:13.4′ inches
    • Depth: 5.5′ inches
    • Weight: 600 grams

    15 in stock

  • Black Crossbody Clutch $90

    If you’ve been hunting for the perfect crossbody clutch then – look no further. The Medium Push Lock Black Crossbody Clutch is clean and minimal in its design It can be converted into a Crossbody shoulder bag and a clutch because of its detachable shoulder strap.

    • Width: 7.5″ (19cm)
    • Height : 6″ (15cm)
    • Depth: 2.4″ (6cm) at base
    • Approx. Weight: 0.34Kg
    • Strap Length: 54.5″ (138cm)
    • Strap Width: 1/2″ (1.3cm)

    15 in stock

  • Mini Satchel Crossbody $80

    Showcasing Mini Satchel, The most miniature bag ever launched at Unique Leather bags. Made wither 100% leather. Including features like magnetic closures and adjustable shoulder strap.

    • Width : 7.88″ (20cm)
    • Height : 5.25″ (13.4cm)
    • Depth : 2.63″ (6.5cm) at base
    • Approx. Weight : 0.28kg

    12 in stock

Crossbody bags are made with 100% premium quality genuine leather. Crossbody handbags that complement the overall outfits that allow you

If you are looking for the perfect crossbody handbags or Crossbody purses? Unique Leather Bags got the best crossbody bags with a huge variety of styles and colors to get you covered for every season and occasion. Unique offers a convertible collection of shoulder leather bags created with top-notch quality materials. And on top of that timeless designs help you keep up with the trends and shine with your full glow.

Crossbody Purses

We offer a variety of crossbody purses designs ranging from leather crossbody clutch to cross body handbags. We offer crossbody bags on sale from our website. Above all, we offer you the opportunity to customize everything from material, color to design itself. Now you can have shoulder bags in any color your want maybe you wanna go with white or blue, tan, and cognac.

Versatile Collection

Timeless designs and manufactured by skilled leather craftsmen. Ensuring the best quality you can get. We always got something for your daily and a small crossbody clutch for occasions. Something to add a little bit extra spice to your outfit. They are stylish, trendy, and durable. Most importantly these Bags can last you up to 5 years and in some cases a lifetime if you keep care of them. Providing you something at the level of Brands like Kate Spade and Prada.

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