A man wearing leather backpack

Men's Leather Bags

Our leather bag collection boasts exceptional quality, effortless styling, and a timeless approach that sets us apart. For Men, we offer a diverse range of leather bags, including men’s leather backpacks, duffel bags, messenger bags, and more, catering to all your needs. Discover our collection today and elevate your style.

Men's Leather Backpacks

Our men’s leather backpack collection features a variety of designs ranging from laptop backpacks to travel backpacks. Timeless & rugged designs are perfect for daily use or travel. Made with full-grain leather our backpacks are built to last the test of time! Browse the leather backpacks Collection and get yours today!

Popular Duffel Bags

Our leather duffel bags collection features a variety of designs ranging from leather travel bags to overnight bags. These timeless weekender bags are perfect for a few nights out with friends or an overnight trip. Browse the collection and grab the perfect duffel bag that suits your needs today!