How To Determine The Real Quality Of The Leather?

Shopping for a Leather bag can be confusing. The industry is full of companies with low-quality craftsmanship and hardware breaking down in a season. So today we are going to teach you how to determine the real quality of leather

Determining Real Quality Of The Leather

The tanning process and the hide choice are the two major factors that eventually decide the quality of a piece of Leather. Making it less helpless to decay and more sturdy tanning is the way toward producing cowhide by treating the skins of animals. Traditionally, an acidic chemical compound from the fir trees or oak bark is used in tanning. With either, mineral methods or vegetable tanning can be performed.

Before tanning, over a period of 6 hours to 2 days, the skins are soaked in water after being desalted, unhaired, and degreased. During the tanning process, coloring may also occur.

With regards to the number of natural marks on the hide, the extent to which the leather is clean is denoted by the hide selection. The overall health conditions of the animal’s skin and the cleanliness of the hide leathers are typically priced and graded. Ultimately, being naturally inviting and appealing, quality leather should have a supple, soft touch. It should not resemble synthetic or any vinyl material. As these leather skins will not have aging benefits or the same strength the plastic-y or rubbery must be avoided.

Real or Fake Leather

Don’t purchase it if you have a doubt whether a bag is made from fake leather or real leather. Nothing manmade will ever have the same level of endurance or quality as genuine leather bags for men are natural products. If possible, full-grain leather must be opted for. These are the leather skins whose surface has not been altered to hide the natural markings on the hide.


Now We are going to discuss some myths about leather bags. To help you know the truth and clear all your doubts about leather bags. And We would be great full if you just take some time to check out our new women’s leather handbags collection some new additions were made last week. Now let’s get back on topic!

Leather Backpacks are heavy to hold

It is not so true. Giving them a lightweight with soft-touch leather bags go through a process called tanning. As they have so much stuff to carry all over the world and these bags are lightweight most of the celebrities actually love leather backpacks. It’s not a genuine leather bag if anyhow you have encountered a heavy leather bag. Beware of this.

Leather Bags are not Weather-proof

Just to be rigid enough to stand against any weather, leather bags are waxed and tanned and so this myth does not hold good. There’s no doubt that in genuine leather bags cracks are never formed and they can stand both strong rain and direct sunlight. Even the Genuine Leather Dopp kits are also weather-proof.

If used on daily basis, it will perish

This fact is quite baseless and doesn’t hold any truth. The leather bags are just like you adjust but they don’t break down. As they are not fragile and are tough leather backpacks are actually meant to be used daily like other material bags. Giving them a life of 30-40 years high-grade preservatives and oils are used to tan the full-grain leather bags. So as they are always used by two generations never worry about leather bags.

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