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  • Hobo Handbag – Lively $190

    This elegant and beautiful purse features hidden smartphone slots. The leather exterior with lined interior and perfectly roomy compartments make the leather hobo handbag a great go-to option.

    • Width: 16” inches
    • Height: 13″ inches
    • Depth: 0.5″ inches

    15 in stock

  • Hobo Purse $190

    One of Our Limited Edition Hobo Purse. Just like cool & quality never go out of style. More details are in the description

    • Width: 18”
    • Height: 9”
    • Depth: 0.5”
    • Strap Drop: 10″

    15 in stock

  • Crossbody Barrel Bag $150

    Shop premium quality leather crossbody barrel bags made with premium quality full-grain leather. Manufactured by highly skilled leather craftsmen.

    • Height: 6.7” inch
    • width: 11.2” inch
    • depth: 5.5” inch

    10 in stock

  • Featured
    leather crossbody purse front view with closed strap
    leather crossbody purse side view
    Leather Crossbody Purse $90

    If you’ve been looking for the perfect shoulder bag with a minimal design then – look no further. The Medium Push Lock leather crossbody purse is clean and minimal in its design It can be converted into a clutch with its shoulder strap being removed.

    • Width: 7.5″ (19cm)
    • Height : 6″ (15cm)
    • Depth: 2.4″ (6cm) at base
    • Approx. Weight: 0.34Kg

    15 in stock

  • Circle Crossbody Handbag $140

    Presenting Our New Leather Circle Crossbody bag made with the finest leather. It’s a small circle crossbody handbag with a unique and timeless design for you.

    • Diameter: 7″
    • Depth: 3″
    • 100% Full-grain Leather
    • Adjustable Shoulder strap
  • Poppy Purse $110

    The design of Poppy Purse is inspired by the traditional Doctor’s Bag And with little tweaks. We created something which is polished, pretty, and practical at the same time.

    • Width: 9″ (23cm)
    • Height: 6″ (15cm)
    • Depth: 3″ (7.5cm) at base
    • Approx. Weight: 0.48Kg

    15 in stock

  • Cognac Leather handbag $135

    Add a touch of versatility to your wardrobe with our Cognac leather handbag. If you’ve been looking for the best handbag that can meet your daily routine and add a little elegance to your look then look no further this is it!

    • Height: 11.8” inches
    • Width: 13.4” inches
    • Depth: 4.7” inches
    • Weight: 0.9 kg

    12 in stock

  • Crossbody Doctor Bag $130

    Exceptionally premium quality leather doctors bag made with finest quality leather by highly skilled leather craftsmen.

    • Height: 7.3” inches
    • width: 10.2” inches
    • Depth: 5.5” inches

    15 in stock

  • NEW
    Doctors Bag Handbag show
    Doctors Bag Handbag front view
    Doctors Bag Handbag $150

    Exceptionally great quality! Timeless design made with finest quality leather as practical as it is beautiful.

    • Height: 20cm
    • Weight: 24cm
    • Depth: 13cm
    • Double leather handles
    • Weight: Almost 100 grams

    15 in stock

  • Simple handbag with Braided handles $90

    A handbag that is simple yet elegant at the same time. This is handbag is perfect for every woman out there. This simple handbag with braided handles adds a class to your whole outfit and versatile your wardrobe  stand out from the crowd with this leather handbag

    • Height:12inch/30cm
    • Width:12inch/30cm
    • Depth:3inch/8cm

    10 in stock

  • Barrel Shoulder Bag $60

    Premium Quality Leather Barrel Shoulder bag. Manufactured by trained professional leather craftsmen. Imagine going to a party or any other occasion and having this barrel shoulder bag and all eyes will be on you

    • Height: 7.8cm
    • Width: 22cm
    • Depth: 13cm
    • Weight: 0.43 kg

    10 in stock

  • Fur Handbag $120

    A distinctive fur handbag to make your whole outfit pop. Made with 100% full-grain leather and real cow fur this bag with no doubt a masterpiece of leather craftsmanship.

    • Height:10inch/25CM
    • Width:12inch/30CM
    • Depth:4inch/10CM

    10 in stock

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